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Shining Spirit Art     
artist statement

As I encounter a person, their essence resonates with me.  I have a reverence for the landscape that surrounds me at any given time.  This includes the mountains, large bodies of water, delicate edges of a stick, or a flower.  I feel the strength of both the people and the environment. Lately, I am more aware of each moment.  I am thoughtful of the years that I have on this planet and I want to share my journey.  I try to make small steps in my spiritual journey everyday.  My hope is that the observers of my images may become more aware of their emotions and the needs of the earth's environment.  People will positively embrace the feeling of others.  They will treat the environment of this planet with care.  If we all can sense our connection on this earth, I believe we will treat each other and  the planet with more compassion.  Then, the world may blossom into a place where we lose our fear of other cultures and  feel comfortable with our neighbors.  We will work together to find solutions to our environmental concerns.  Hopefully,  I can move the needle just a little in the direction of caring for our fellow human beings and the earth by sharing my art.

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